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Home extension fees

Professional fees for home extension design can, and will vary from designer to architect. There is some truth in that 'you get what you pay for' but there are many caveats to this urban myth.

First of all not all architects are Architects.  Most designers completing home extension design are outside of the RIBA.  So, how relevant are the RIBA to modern home extension design?  That's a whole separate web site in itself so we wont go their right now.

Suffice to say that the home owner should be inviting a whole selection of recommend and locally sourced home extension designers and architects around to their home to listen to your ideas and for them to offer advice and write to you with a full report on your proposal and their fee proposal for each stage of the design work - AND THEY SHOULD LIST ALL THE EXPECTED OTHER FEES AND COSTS FROM INCEPTION TO COMPLETION.

That should eliminate 50% of your initial source of home extension designers and architects.

Most home extension designer and architects will find it difficult or deliberately avoid stating possible fees for your scheme over the telephone and we are the same.  We always visit the homeowner first to view the site, assess its merits and constraints and listen to the home owners requirements. 

We can then offer advise on what we see and offer any alternative design ideas.  We can then properly assess how long the design work will take and how complicated the scheme is.  We then write to the home owner confirming the details stated at the initial meeting and a full detailed fee proposal is also attached for every stage with all associated costs and fees stated.

That should ow eliminate another 50% of the remaining entrants.

Typical fees for home extension works can be based upon an hourly rate or a percentage of the estimated contract build costs.  Typically these can be around £65.00 per hour or 3% for planning with another 3% for Building Regulations.  Some home extension designers will be less than these costs while others will be more expensive.






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