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Home extension design guide from Bracknell Forest Borough Council. 

Home extension design guide tip:-

General Design Principles

As well as making sure that your extension meets your needs in terms of size and function, it is important that the design matches your house in terms of style, is in proportion and does not detract from the visual appearance of your locality or group of houses.

Many of the Borough’s houses were built as part of residential estates each with its own design style and characteristics. The pattern and continuity of development should be maintained wherever possible by using a similar style of design and matching new materials to the existing.

For some small extensions you may not need planning permission. Our leaflet 'Do I Need Planning Permission?' gives general guidance but if in doubt please contact the Council.

Consider the following points before you design your extension:

  • Think about employing someone qualified in design to draw up your plans;
  • Try to reflect the original design of your house in your extension by following the existing roof shape, using existing window shape and type and by matching materials to the existing;
  • Try to make your extension 'fit' the street scene. Avoid a jarring effect which upsets the pattern of development;
  • Try to ensure your extension does not unduly restrict your neighbour's light by casting a shadow over their property and land;
  • Have regard to the effect of overlooking neighbours’ windows and gardens.

Download the Design Guide for Bracknell Forest Borough Council



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