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Home extension design guide for Mid Beds Council

Home extension design guide tip:-


Before starting to design the extension or alteration, draw a plan of the house and the whole of the site including parts of neighbouring properties, noting all the factors outlined above.

This may help to analyse the issues and will help to justify the decisions taken. Include the north point in order to establish the path of the sun. Obtain an Ordnance Survey map of the site and the surrounding area to check the impact of major alterations on the wider area.

Stand back and look at the house within the setting of the street as a whole and imagine the effect of the proposed alterations or extension as others might see it. Will the positive aspects of the street and the views of the property be maintained or even enhanced by the proposals?

The following questions can help to identify the character of the surroundings, suggesting important factors which should influence the design of the alterations and extensions.

• Do all the houses have spaces between them? Would the proposals harm this pattern?

• Do all the houses appear to have the same number of storeys? Would the proposals change the scale of the street?

• Is there a dominant style or colour of materials? Would the materials chosen for the proposed work jar or fit in with the established materials and styles?

• Are there particular proportions to the windows? Are they more vertical than horizontal for instance?

• Is there a pattern of features which gives the street its character, such as bay windows, porches, chimneys?

• Do the front boundaries share common characteristics? For example, hedges, low walls, railings or substantial gateposts

• Even though proposals may be located at the rear, are they likely to be visible from the street or the wider setting? For example if the property is near a corner, would this be a problem?

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