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Home extension design guide from West Berkshire Borough Council

Home extension design tip:-


Brickwork, especially in houses built before about 1920, is usually laid in a different bond than later houses and the joints are usually thinner.


It is advisable as far as possible, to match existing and new materials. This is often not possible to achieve as some traditional materials are no longer produced (eg. local white bricks). It is sometimes better to have a sensitive contrast rather than a poor match, for example render or a different tone of brick.

Similarly, imitation stone is unconvincing when seen against natural stone. Again, contrast with render could enhance the natural material.

The use of uPVC or PVCu will not normally be approved in work requiring Listed Building Consent or in Conservation Areas, as it is not a material that relates to weathered historic materials.

Generally it is rarely possible to achieve an exact replica and it is difficult to repair. Timber replacement windows or doors can be manufactured on a customised basis to match an original design. It can be an economical alternative to uPVC and does not release toxins in house fires.

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