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Existing Housing to be extended

Refurbishment work on dwellings tends to focus on particular parts of the structure rather than the building as a whole.

For this reason, it is more appropriate to take an elemental approach to energy performance rather than use a wholebuilding Carbon Index requirement.

The Best Practice refurbishment specification (see Table 6) can be used for most buildings in the UK without undue technical risk. However, there will be instances where, because of the particular design, construction method or indeed a building’s historic value, it is not possible to implement all the recommendations in the specification. In such cases the highest practicable levels should be achieved, with additional energy efficiency measures included elsewhere in the refurbishment work.Where it is possible to exceed the levels in the Best Practice specification, this should be done.

Where refurbishment work is subject to the Building Regulations, insulation improvement work should be agreed with the building control body prior to implementation.

This is particularly important in Scotland as the application of the Building (Scotland) Act 1959, in association with the Technical Standards, can result in more stringent requirements.




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